Current Events


We have been asked to send volunteers to respond to the flooding in Louisiana.  FLDR  is NOW  on ACTIVE Status –which means that we are CURRENTLY RESPONDING to the  disaster situation and are mobilizing Volunteers and resources. I would ask you to contact your Regional and/or your BH leaders to volunteer.  Clean Up Recovery Teams/volunteers, trained Assessors and Chaplains are needed

Join us in praying for God’s provisions and protection.

Tropical Storm “Fiona” continues to develop in the Atlantic, but current models project that this will not affect Florida .  However, we will remain watchful.

Please download the Response Roster before deploying.



Response Results – YTD

Ministry contacts – 271
Volunteer days – 644
Meals prepared – 5272
Chainsaw jobs
Repair/Roof – 11
Mudout jobs – 182
Showers – 1271
Laundry – 355
Chaplaincy – 158
Professions of faith – 9
Gospel presentations – 145