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Current Event

Florida Baptists responding to FLOOD Survivors in  South Carolina:

The top 3 things we can do here in Florida for the survivors in South Carolina flooding;

  1. Pray.  Praying for the survivors, the First Responders, and DR Volunteers that God’s gracious hand of comfort, provision, and protection be realized.
  2. Give.  You can make a donation to Florida Baptist Disaster Relief for South Carolina flooding, with  the full assurance that all dollars will be used for relief efforts.
  3. Be ready to go if needed.  While no requests have come for additional Teams of FLDR Volunteers at this time, assessments for additional support may change and there  would be a request for out of state DR Volunteers. Continue to watch for additional updates

Response Results – YTD

Ministry contacts – 271
Volunteer days – 644
Meals prepared – 5272
Chainsaw jobs
Repair/Roof – 11
Mudout jobs – 182
Showers – 1271
Laundry – 355
Chaplaincy – 158
Professions of faith – 9
Gospel presentations – 145